Prep your nails

  • Start fresh with clean, oil-free nails.
  • Wash hands with soap and water. Let dry.
  • Using the prep pad thoroughly clean each nail.
  • Weak or brittle nails? Apply a base coat to strengthen and protect your nails. Let dry completely.
  • Avoid using lotion or cuticle oil directly before or after you apply gels.


Peel & Apply

  • It’s easy!
  • Peel off one gel from the sheet at a time.
  • Hold the gel over your nail to line it up evenly before applying.
  • As you apply, leave a small gap between your cuticle and the start of the gel.
  • Avoid touching the adhesive side as much as possible.


Smooth & fold

  • You’re almost there!
  • Press firmly to smooth out any wrinkles.
  • Fold the excess gel over the tip of your nail.
  • Wait 30 seconds before filing - Use this time to press and smooth each gel again.


Clip or file

  • Using the nail file in your kit, file downwards at the tips of your nails to remove excess gel.
  • Angle the file away from your nail to avoid tearing the gel & to create a clean edge.
  • For short nails, we recommend using a nail clipper instead of a file.
  • After filing and removing the excess, press down firmly on your gels to smooth them.


Seal your gels

  • Prolong the life of your gel by using a top coat.
  • Finish by applying a top coat.
  • Add a bit more over and underthe tip of your nail.


How to remove

  • Simply peel them off whenever you’re ready with the help of our Nail Cleanser!
  • For extra gentle removal, soak your hands or feet in warm water or apply lotion along the edges of the gels.