We’re creating a future of beauty

where everything is custom to you

and only you.

About Us

The time is up for outdated beauty routines. They take too long. They cost too much. Meanwhile, at-home solutions overpromise and underwhelm, leaving you looking at your nails, feeling like the salon is your only option. 

Well, that was then, and this is ManiMe - a beauty tech company delivering the future of beauty to your front door.

After years of settling for the same salon experience, I got to thinking: There must be a better and quicker way of getting your nails done. When I couldn’t find anything, I created it myself. Using my own patented 3D model rendering technology, you can now get a pro-level mani at home—and it’s literally designed just for you. 

Where does the name “ManiMe” come from? It encapsulates our mission of bringing endless mani options to beauty lovers everywhere, perfectly sized for you. Unlike our competitors—who only use standard, “one-size-fits-all sizing—we offer custom-fit gels, laser cut to the exact shape of your unique nails. They easily stick on, and a mani can be applied in minutes. In just two years, we’ve had more than 200K customers, and no two nail kits were identical! 

While I didn’t know my life’s calling would be creating the mani of the future, this journey has taught me so much about the growing intersection of beauty and technology. At ManiMe, we love that our job is discovering new nail artists and bringing to life their incredible designs. Personalization and custom-fit mani solutions save time and money, all while empowering you to feel more confident with your everyday beauty routine. We hope you find a mani that’s everything you’re looking for and more!