Our tastiest collaboration yet: ManiMe x HoneyBaked Ham

Our tastiest collaboration yet: ManiMe x HoneyBaked Ham

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also one of the most stressful, the holidays. That’s why we ManiMe have partnered with The Honey Baked Ham Company to bring time saving solutions to holiday hosts coast to coast this December. Check out the full collection here.

When planning a holiday get-together, follow these five tips to maximize time with family and friends!


1. Pre-Plan: Create a timeline to manage preparation leading up to guest arrival. This will help structure your day and avoid last minute chaos. Make sure to keep a running guest list, including details like number of children vs adults and food allergies.
2. Nail Glam: Have your hands and nails looking and feeling amazing from the comfort of your own home. Inspired by the signature sweet and crunchy glaze found only on Honey Baked hams and turkeys, ManiMe created two unique holiday gel mani designs, a peelable nail polish and hand scrub. This capsule collection is sure to look great on any skin tone. Boasting bold burgundies with pops of gold, this collection is a must have to make any holiday golden.

3. A Crave-worthy Table: From proteins to cakes, HoneyBaked has delicious food your guests will love! Bonus, these meals require little prep from the host. Popular options like the Honey Baked Ham® & Turkey Feast give parties a homecooked feel with a variety of heat and serve sharable sides. HoneyBaked’s Red Velvet Cake will complete the look of any holiday spread.  
4. Kick Attire Anxiety: ‘I have nothing to wear’ anxiety can creep up on any host. Don’t let this invade your headspace before a big soiree. Pick your outfit and try it on the day before your get-together to take one important decision off your plate. Consider an ensemble with a bit of breathing room so you feel comfortable - even after going back for seconds or thirds of that delicious Honey Baked Ham. 
5. Clean Sweep: Feel like you need to have the house looking spotless before going to bed? Give yourself a break. You’ve been prepping and entertaining so it’s natural to be tired. Cleanup can wait till morning, and you’ll probably be more productive and speedier after a good night's rest.

Make your holidays golden with the ManiMe x The Honey Baked Company Collection!