Announcing MiniMe!

Announcing MiniMe!

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Ever since I started working at ManiMe, my son has been obsessed with what mani Mommy is wearing this week. His favorite ManiMe design featured strawberries so one day I cut out the strawberries from the gel sheet and put them on his fingers; it made his day! If only we had a version that he could wear without my having to do any trimming….

Announcing MiniMe!

Now your kids (and mine) can enjoy ManiMe solids and designs in kids’ sizes. And the timing couldn’t be better as Back to School is just around the corner.

Our first MiniMe collection features 14 solids and designs. We use the same salon-quality gel for MiniMe that we use for the adult size version. There are 46 gels in assorted sizes – just pick the one that fits each of your child’s nails best.

As a bonus, we’ve included additional gel “stickers” in hearts, stars circles and polygons. Use these to customize your child’s mani look or as decorations for notebooks, water bottles, lunch boxes, etc.

The best part? You can be mani-twins with your kids! We offer the same designs for you [in standard or custom sizes]. Check them out here.

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