Beautiful wedding gel nail ideas for the bride and groom.
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Wedding Manis For The Bride & Beyond…

How To Nail Your Wedding Mani 

By: Meddy Hurd
Feb 01 2021

Although we pay a lot of lip service to the perfect dress, it’s easy to forget where the real star of the show resides on your big day; your hands. But like any good marriage, a wedding is a marathon not a sprint, so between greeting guests, cutting cake, and flashing that new hardware for every photo, believe us when we say, a tired mani won’t take you to the finish line, by any stretch.

But before you stress over finding a time to round up your bridal party for a mandatory manicure to ensure no one shows up with neon nails or hands that look like they’ve been through a woodchipper, we’ve gone through our ManiMe library to provide you with a far more efficient use of your time. 

Not only will you find a gel manicure custom fit to your nails, but your friends and family can too. ManiMe’s easy-to-apply, long-lasting, and affordable gel nail wraps are not the average stick-on nails or wraps you see in a drugstore. We use proprietary 3D technology to create custom-fit gels unique to your nail bed, nail length and shape. So whether you’re looking for something classic and clean, or a little unexpected, we have a nail design for everyone on your wedding guest list.

For Brides:

You'd think that after choosing a dress, shoes, and hairstyle, selecting a nail color would be easy. But with all the options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Lucky for you, we’ve whittled it down to two that we love with literally, every gown. And nothing says bridal quite like Venus Shell, a crisp, wedding white fit for every classic bride. Those looking for something subtle yet unexpected, try our shimmering reverse-french mani, To Have & To Hold. It’s a show stopping mani you’ve waited your entire life to rock.

For Grooms:

If manicures haven’t been part of your grooming routine, then a wedding is a great excuse to go that extra mile. Every good marriage starts with full transparency, which is why we love The Foundation. A criss-cross pattern gel polish that can be sported on its own or on top of another design. Searching for something blue? Clear Day has you covered. This mani features fun, fluffy white clouds atop a sheer cream to sky blue gradient. A manicure is the perfect way to add a little confidence to you and your groomsmen’s look.

For the Wedding Party:

Trust us, when you look back on wedding photos you’ll be grateful for insisting on coordinated nails, and these are two gel mani styles your bridal party will love. Strawberry Mochi is the perfect pink pop of delicate color that compliments every skin tone. However, if you’re looking for something a little extra (say, for that friend with a personality to match), Sparks Joy strikes a balance between delicate and bold with tasteful shimmery silver accents on a neutral base.