What to wear with your fav fall manis
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What to wear with your fav fall manis

By: ManiMe
Sep 24 2021

We may be biased here at ManiMe HQ, but fall just might be our favorite season. From pumpkin spice everything to breaking out all those cozy knits, there’s so much to look forward to during the fall months. And if you’re ready to transition your nails to reflect more autumnal vibes, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got you covered with an assortment of stick-on nail designs that are easy to use and customizable depending on your mood.

For fall 2021 nail art, mani trendsetters are using tons of color and graphic prints. Your nails are always a work of art, but this season, it’s time to take that saying as literally as possible. Don’t be afraid to go big and bold by trying quirky color combos and mixing multiple patterns together. ManiMe’s new Vibe Check collection provides the perfect starting point for taking your fall manicure to the next level. Hey, we love a good neutral mani as much as anyone, but sometimes you’ve gotta get outside your nail art comfort zone.

As we all know, a flawless mani is an instant mood booster — especially when it’s paired with the right look. If you have fall weekend plans coming up and you can’t stop wondering, “What am I going to wear?”, we’re here to help. Ahead, check out an expertly curated selection of our favorite fall manicure designs and outfits we’d rock ‘em with. Because sometimes you know you want to look cute, but putting forth the effort is just not gonna happen. No judgment, we’ve been there!

Lava Lamp

Swirls of lime green, turquoise blue, hot pink, and fiery orange combine to create a daring look that everyone will be raving about. Pair this mani with an all-black ensemble — we’re thinking turtleneck, pants, and over-the-knee boots — for an unforgettable, high-contrast moment.

Zig Zag

The white base combined with neon-inspired hues makes this a day-to-night favorite. Wear this one with worn-in denim, a classic white button-up blouse, and white sneakers for a casual outfit that still feels put together.

Daydreams & Doodles

We may not be in middle school anymore, but we can still let our mind wander with playful doodles on our nails — instead of in our notebooks. This smile-inducing design would work well with a neutral jumpsuit (think tan or olive), an oversized jean jacket, and chic matching booties.

Flower Power

Part dainty daisy, part bold checkerboard, this design features raised gel in the center of the flower and along the checkers’ edge for a cool, 3D feel. Are you at all surprised that we’d sport our favorite floral frock with this adorable mani?


Deep, golden yellow is an essential autumnal hue that brings to mind changing leaves and shorter days. Build upon the classic fall palette with a pumpkin-colored sweater, brown pants, and a cream scarf.