Trending gel nail stickers with MoonChild.Nails
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Trending gel nail stickers with MoonChild.Nails

Pro nail artist shares her thoughts on the latest gel nail stickers trends

By: ManiMe
Oct 26 2021

Rebecca Ludwig aka MoonChild.Nails is sharing her thoughts on upcoming gel nail stickers trends, giving her best tips for doing a killer at-home mani, and explaining why a mani is one of her favorite ways to express herself. Read on to learn more!

What nail colors will we be seeing a lot this fall and winter?

I feel like these shades are going to be extremely popular over the coming months: 

  • Posh pinks
  • Rich reds
  • Classy navy
  • Earthy browns

I also love greens and blues right now, too! Jewel tones will continue to be a hit this fall. 

ManiMe has a great set of Solids gel manis to match these trending colors.

What nail design trends will be trending soon?

We will see a continuation of the ever-popular swirl design because you can create the look with ANY color combination! You could even use a ManiMe Solid color manis as the base and use your own polishes to create the design over the top yourself. After you add any design, make sure to top it with the Mirella Top Coat!

The best liner brush for this would be the ‘Hella Cute Liner’ from Nailz By Dev. It makes linework super easy, and can also be used for makeup looks which makes it a great tool to have at home! You could even use a ManiMe Solid color manis as the base and use your own polishes to create the design over the top yourself.

Are there any trending nail shapes for fall?

As far as trending shapes, I feel like the natural look is totally back in! Coffin and tapered square reigned supreme for the longest time, but now I am REALLY enjoying a medium almond. I feel that this shape looks fantastic on everyone, and it is easily maintainable with natural nails!

Can you link to any tools that are helpful to give yourself an at-home mani?

There are so many cool, innovative products that can make your at-home manis easier! ManiMe has a few of the best essentials for at-home nail care. One of my favorites has to be ManiMe's ManiMitten! The longevity of your manicure starts with moisturized cuticles and a healthy nail plate, and these really help with that! 

I also love the Glassy File from ManiMe because it is not super rough on my natural nails and creates a smooth edge effortlessly. When using the Mon Ami Clipper to trim the edges of your ManiMe mani when first applying, make sure to remove the excess from the clippers each time to ensure an immaculate cut!

Any tips for beginners to learn how to do their own nail designs at home?

My best tip for beginners who want to do their nails at home is to HAVE FUN! It can seem daunting to get a salon-style, Instagram-worthy mani at home, but with practice and the right tools, you can do it! 

Why do you think a good manicure is a powerful tool for self-expression?

I love an expressive manicure because it’s a simple but creative way to share your personality. A good manicure is also a powerful tool for self-expression because when you meet someone for the first time, you ALWAYS go in for a handshake. The person you are meeting will notice your nails, which can tell them a bit of your personal style. It’s always fun to add a little color to your wardrobe with gel nail stickers, nail accents, and unique designs, especially as we dip into fall and people wear darker shades. ManiMe is an easy way to spice up your look with added color.