Now trending nail art: Terrazzo nails
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Why the hottest stick-on nails are terrazzo nails!

Here's why you are seeing terrazzo nails everywhere

By: ManiMe
Jul 15 2021

You probably won’t be surprised to find out that at ManiMe, nail trends are a constant table topic. Like… they pretty much dominate our Slack channels. It’s hard to resist the allure of new trends, especially since the nail art world is always changing, giving us never-ending inspiration for upcoming designs of our own. One summery nail trend we just can’t get enough of lately: terrazzo nails.

What does “terrazzo” mean?

In Italian, terrazzo means terrace. But the term is generally used to describe a type of flooring that features chips of marble or granite, which are set in concrete. The effect is rustic yet contemporary, and the flooring is polished to give it a shiny, smooth finish.

What are terrazzo nails?

Imagine that floor pattern but on your nails. It’s a pattern that really lends itself to experimentation. You can come up with quirky, unexpected color combinations and play around with the size of the “chips.” And because terrazzo is inherently imperfect, you can spend less time perfecting lines and shapes. Terrazzo nails are all about having fun and not taking your design too seriously.

Which colors work best for terrazzo nails?

You’ll want to have a lighter hue for the base, and a couple of other darker or brighter shades to layer on top as you add in the chips or specks. A neutral palette of white, beige, and black will be most reminiscent of a classic terrazzo floor, while something that’s a bit bolder — think yellow, lime, and fuschia — will give you a more modern take on this classic, European-inspired pattern.

How can I use ManiMe gels for terrazzo nail art?

It’s all about layering! Once you’ve decided on your color combo, you can cut, shape, and apply your gels to create the chips on top of your base coat. Or you can always apply some of our terrazzo-inspired gels such as Pieces of Me or Fruit Salad. Don’t forget to add our Mirella Top Coat to keep your terrazzo nails looking flawless.