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NEW Nail Designs from TheHangEdit & NailsbyCanishiea

Check out our latest NEW Nail Designs from two best-selling artists

By: ManiMe
Jan 06 2022

Our all-time, best-selling nail artists are back! Hang Nguyen (@thehangedit) and Canishiea J Sams (@nailsbycanishiea) are here with NEW nail designs. In fact, they are actually remixes of some of your all-time favorite designs.

Hang Nguyen's New Nail Designs

About Hang Nguyen (@TheHangEdit): Classically trained painter turned agency represented nail artist. Known for floral and negative space designs, Hang loves approaching each nail design as a mini canvas. Hang’s work is balanced, bright, and elegant.

Secret Meadow: Pretty in pink! Hang Nguyen's zesty floral cuticle design gets a refresh with hues of pink, purple, and white and pops on its neutral base color. Secret Meadow is a remix of Floral Cuticles.

Style Tips 

  • Wear with gold jewelry 
  • Rock this mani as a modern take on Valentine’s Day nails

Desert Bloom: Desert Bloom reinvents this floral cuticle design with an inviting and wearable color palette of purple, mauve, and pinks. Desert Bloom is a remix of Le Bouquet.

Style Tips 

  • Wear with trendy monochromatic neutral outfits 
  • This manis is perfect for a romantic fall wedding 

Canishiea J. Sams' New Nail Designs

About Canishiea J Sams (@nailsbycanishiea): Nail artist and owner of "NailsbyCanishiea. "Canishiea specializes in one-of-a-kind, modern, hand-painted nail art and natural nail care. Canishiea is known for her abstract nail art, precisely free-form shapes and lines, unique color palettes, and passion for nail health.

Mother Earth: Mother Earth combines soft earth tones, linework with negative space to create the one-of-a-kind, natural-inspired manicure. Mother Earth is a remix of Plant Mama.

Style Tips

  • Mix this mani with Stormy for a complementary pop of Solid color.
  • This abstract mani makes every day feel like a work of art. Wear it with a minimalist outfit to let the design shine.

Staycation: Staycation is a subtle yet bold look just in time for winter and spring. Splashes of soft pinks and deep berry tones with a neutral base are a perfect abstract art combination. Staycation is a remix of Daycation.

Style Tips

  • The rich tones of this palette are super on-trend right now. Pair with chunky enamel jewelry for maximum chicness.
  • We love this mani for a girls weekend! Whether it is a staycation in your hometown or a getaway, this new nail design is perfect!