Manis & matrimony: best nail gels for every marital moment
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Manis & Matrimony: the best gel nails for every marital moment

Our favorite ManiMe’s long-lasting, custom-fit gel nails for the engagement, wedding day and every celebration in between.

By: ManiMe
Apr 20 2021

When it comes to engagements, weddings, and all of the celebrations in between, your hands become the star of the show. With your sparkling new engagement ring or band, your nails must be on point from engagement all the way until the big day. At ManiMe, we got you covered with a gallery of over 100+ on-trend gel nail designs and gorgeous Solids. The beauty of wearing ManiMe throughout your marital celebrations is you are not tied to a salon for your nail care needs. Instead you can wear long-lasting, custom-fit gels that last between 10-14 days or easily change your manicure by simply peeling them off. Read on to see our favorite gel manis for every celebration leading up to your nuptials. 

The Engagement:

Congratulations! You’re taking a huge next step with your significant other. We couldn’t be happier for you. Because you will be flashing your new ring to everyone you know, you need an equally fabulous manicure. 

Sugar Rush: Embrace the sparkle of your ring by wearing this glittery pink gel mani. The shimmering pink shade pairs nicely with both gold and silver-set jewelry.  

Misty Shell: Let your ring have all of the glory with this sheer, pink tinted gel. This mani will make your nails appear healthy and create a clean backdrop for your ring to steal the spotlight. 

Of Quartz: The subtle luxury of Of Quartz will complement any jewelry design and will provide an interesting, but not distracting backdrop for your ring.

Sugar Rush

Misty Shell

Of Quartz

The Bachelor or Bachelorette Party:

Nothing beats having an excuse to get together and party with the most important people in your life! Whatever your wedding party is planning, you’ll need a bold mani to get you through the festivities. 

Champagne Bubbles: Celebrate in style with your bridal crew with this champagne-inspired design. The shimmering gold glitter matches any celebratory outfit.

Love Wins: Love always wins with this mani. Its semi-sheer rainbow of colors, glittery finish and white celestial bursts make a bold, fashion statement. 

To Have & To Hold: This reverse french gel mani design provides a subtle pop of glitter along your cuticle. It’s perfect for all of your bachelor or bachelorette party shenanigans.

Champagne Bubbles

Love Wins

To Have & To Hold

The Shower:

The bridal shower is all about YOU! Your friends and family cannot celebrate your exciting new chapter. Your gel mani absolutely needs to match the celebratory mood.  

Primrose: This dewy pink gives a splash of color without overtaking your entire look. This uber flattering pink hue looks amazing on any skin tone. 

Discotheque: Since you are the life of the party, your nails should be too! This disco-ball inspired silver glitter gel will guarantee you are the center of everyone’s attention. 

Delicate Petals: Forget the bouquet. Embrace the florals on your nails with this gel mani. In this look, delicate cherry blossom motifs pop against the flattering flushed pink background.



Delicate Petals

The Rehearsal Dinner:

The rehearsal dinner is your opportunity to mingle with your guests and welcome them to your nuptials festivities. Make sure your nails are party ready with these gels. 

Candy Coated: This classic orangey-red gel will make your nails pop on the eve of your wedding. It’s fun, flirty and suits any venue or vibe. 

Truffle Butter: With its rich neutral color scheme and use of negative space, this gel mani is simply stunning. 

With Love from Brooklyn: This shimmery copper metallic will make your nails shine as bright as your relationship’s future. 

Candy Coated

Truffle Butter

With Love From Brooklyn

The Big Day:

It’s finally here - your wedding day! After potentially months or even years of planning, you will finally say I do to the love of your life. No wedding look is complete without a gel mani. 

Jackpot: A solid gold mani is the ultimate way to celebrate saying I do! You can match your mani to your gold jewelry or mix in silver for a modern, metallic bridal ensemble.  

Rose Petal: A blushing, soft pink is a tried and true option. It seamlessly fits into any wedding’s vibe. 

Sparks Joy: This mani is as happy as you will be on your wedding day! With shimmery silver accents on a neutral base, this gel mani helps you shine.


Rose Petal

Sparks Joy

The Honeymoon:

You did it! You’re married and now you’re ready to run off and spend some quality time with your significant other. Kick off the honeymoon phase with these jovial gel nail designs and Solids.

Gum Drop: This enticing pastel purple blends well with any kind of getaway: tropical retreat, desert oasis, or city escape.

Electric Prism: It’s your honeymoon so it is your time to have fun with your mani. Mix in banana, peach, aqua, and grapefruit-colored half nails on top of a sheer, matte base to capture the excitement of your newly blessed marriage. 

Honeymoon Phase: Celebrate your love with this gel mani. You are freshly married so there’s no better time to wear this heart embellished mani featuring bright red accents nails. You’ll have your significant other’s heart fluttering with this design.

Gum Drop

Electric Prism

Honeymoon Phase