Must-Have Nail Products: Take It Off Nail Cleanser
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Get obsessed with the Take It Off Nail Cleanser

Are you ready to bare your natural nails?

By: ManiMe
Oct 12 2021

At ManiMe, we’re always looking for ways to make your nail routine better. We also love to listen to your feedback. You told us that our gel removal process needed to be gentler on your nails and we’ve come up with a solution to make the removal process easier and better than ever. 

Enter the Take It Off Nail Cleanser. 

The Take It Off Nail Cleansers cleans and restores your nails in between manis or pedis. Unlike other traditional harsh removers, the Take It Off Nail Cleanser is specifically designed to gently and easily removes our stick-on gels. No adhesive, residue, or impurities will be left behind, only refreshed nails. Thanks to moisturizing Aloe Vera and the powerful antioxidant and detoxifying properties of Spirulina, the Take It Off Nail Cleanser will make you want to bare your natural nails. 

Like always, Take It Off Nail Cleanser is 

✅ Non-toxic 

✅ Vegan

✅ Paraben and Acetone-free

Bonus, it also smells AMAZING. Get ready to show off your ultra-healthy nails. 

Here’s how to use the Take It Off Nail Cleanser 

  1. Put a drop of cleanser on your nails and toenails that need nail gel removal
  2. Gently push up from the edge of the sticker with an applicator such as a wood stick 
  3. Add a few extra drops of cleanser through the gap of the pushed-up sticker for faster removal.
  4. If you notice any leftover adhesive or gel residue from your nails, add 1-2 more drops of the cleanser and use a cotton ball to wipe away any impurities.