Meet ManiMe professional gel nail artist: Mia Rubie (@superflynails)
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Meet ManiMe’s professional nail artist: Mia Rubie (@superflynails)

We are so excited to introduce and welcome Mia Rubie (@superflynails) into ManiMe’s growing community of professional nail artists. She’s the talent behind four gel manis and pedis of the Summer Nostalgia Collection.

By: ManiMe
Jul 22 2021

Today (July 22), Mia Rubie (@superflynails) will join ManiMe’s growing community of professional nail artists with her four Summer Nostalgia Collection gel manis and pedis. As a professional nail artist and salon owner, Mia Rubie (@superflynails), is a San Francisco native who has a serious passion for nails. She draws inspiration from bold color schemes, abstract designs, fashion, and the art found in the colorful city she lives in.

You’ll see her passion for nail art with her Summer Nostalgia Collection mani and pedi gels: Sprinkle Sundae and Paint the Town. Read on to learn more about Mia as a nail artist, her inspiration for her colorful gel designs, and her favorite summer memories. 

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ManiMe: How did you get started in the nail industry?

Mia: Nail art started out as a hobby for me. I fell in love with the unique designs I was seeing on celebrities on TV and in magazines around 2008. I could not wrap my head around how they were created. I could not find any salons in my city (San Francisco) that offered the kind of designs I liked - sure, I could go to a local salon and maybe get simple flowers or rhinestones but I lusted after the interesting patterns, metallic accents, and intricate art. My curiosity led me on a path to learn how to do nail art myself. Eventually, my nail art passion morphed into a business idea. I opened my first salon in 2012 and have been steadily growing ever since. 

ManiMe: How did you develop your nail art style? 

Mia: I started off kind of all over the place. I found a lot of inspiration from Japanese nail magazines and nail blogs. A lot of my earlier work was like a mashup of a bunch of different designs - I’d often make every nail different because it was just so fun and outrageous. Slowly, my style became a bit more sophisticated as I learned more techniques and mediums. I work with my clients to figure out what to paint - but I often incorporate what speaks to me and the styles I like. 

ManiMe: What are your favorite colors, textures, or techniques to use in your nail art? 

Mia: I definitely lean toward bold color palettes, neons paired with nude, abstract designs, crisp lines, wide brush strokes, and always a pop of gold or glitter. 

ManiMe: Where do you typically find inspiration? 

Mia: I like to look at fashion designers for inspiration - they always have unexpected color palettes that I like to pull from. I also head over to Pinterest quite a bit and discover abstract art ideas from wallpaper and other graphic designs. Street art is another art form that inspires me. It’s usually bold and colorful - two things I appreciate. 

ManiMe: What was the inspiration behind your Summer Nostalgia gel designs? 

Mia: Paint the town was inspired by abstract art and murals. I live in San Francisco, which is full of amazing murals and artists. I created the design to look like what I would paint if I had the chance to go crazy on a giant wall. Sprinkle Sundae was inspired by the colorful food scene we have in SF. We have some of the best gourmet ice creams and treats in the country, in my opinion. 

ManiMe: What is your favorite at-home manicure, pedicure, or nail care tip?

Mia: Make sure you remove all oils from your nails with alcohol or acetone and give them a light buff before applying any polish or stick on nails - it will help whatever you are putting on adhere better. Top coat your nails every couple of days to make your manicure last longer and stay shiny. 

Rapid Fire with @superflynails

  • Glossy or matte? Glossy 
  • Bold or neutral color palette? bold 
  • Summer beauty must-have? Sunscreen and lip balm 
  • BBQ or campfire? BBQ 
  • Ice cream or popsicle? Ice cream 
  • Beach or pool? Pool