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The 5 Best Manicures To Transition From Summer To Fall

Our favorite manis in-between seasons

By: ManiMe
Sep 01 2021

It’s time to acknowledge that September is kind of a quirky month. On one hand, summer technically doesn’t end for another few weeks. (So, by the way, why do all the pools close after Labor Day? We need answers!) On the other hand, let’s be real: We’ve already got fall on the brain — big time. From breaking out our favorite knits and sweaters to consuming all things pumpkin spice, autumn is a season that truly embodies comfort and coziness.

During this in-between time, your manicure might have you feeling a bit stumped. Finding the perfect nail art that seamlessly transitions between summer and fall isn’t easy. Certain colors, palettes, and patterns work best for this transitional period. To simplify your search, we carefully curated five summer-to-fall manicures that are versatile masterpieces, ideal for wearing for months to come.


Glitter is a year-round favorite, really, but there’s something about this mesmerizing mix of rainbow sparkles that feels just right for this summer-to-fall season. We’re still holding onto the magic of summer, but also looking ahead to the wonders of fall. This hue works well as an elevated neutral, perfect for pairing with any day-to-night look.

City Sun Rays

Subtle or glam? With this super chic mani, you get both. The light pink base features a sheer finish, while the bold navy accent offers up all the gloss. Glistening gold foil adds a high-contrast edge that turns your mani into an eye-catching accessory. This stylish design has serious drinks-on-a-Friday-night energy, and we are here for it.

Sunset Cliffs

Days may get shorter in the fall, but that doesn’t make sunsets any less magical. With this fan favorite, you can capture a dreamy cotton-candy California sunset right on your nails. This abstract design features muted neutrals with playful pops of tangerine and lavender — two colors that we definitely want to keep rocking well into the cooler months.

Catchin’ Rays

When you’re missing the beach and poolside parties, you can channel some summer spirit with this sunny pastel yellow. It’s a bright summertime shade, but it also complements the deeper palettes that we see in the fall, like earthy browns and rich burgundies. Don’t forget to stock up on the matching pedi, too!

Balboa Park

These cool blue and white tones blend with hints of mustard yellow, which is one of our go-to hues for fall. The end result is an artsy, museum-worthy print that can be easily dressed up or down no matter the season.