Summer Picnic Gel Mani & Pedi First Launch
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Introducing the Summer Picnic Collection's First Course of Gel Manis and Pedis 

We’re so excited to share our first drop of the Summer Picnic Collection with 8 gel manis and 2 gel pedis from professional nail artists: Natalie Pavloski (@nataliepnails); Bana Jarjour (@banicured_); Christine Doan (@glosshouse); and Stefanie Sanchez (@polished_yogi)

By: ManiMe
Jun 15 2021

Get ready to enjoy al fresco manis and pedis.

Our new Summer Picnic Collection is about slowing down, spreading out a blanket, and savoring every moment of the summertime sun.

Your first course of the Summer Picnic is now available on June 15 with 8 gel manis and 2 gel pedis from professional nail artists: Natalie Pavloski (@nataliepnails); Bana Jarjour (@banicured_); Christine Doan (@glosshouse); and Stefanie Sanchez (@polished_yogi). And don’t worry! This is our largest collection to date so make sure you come back for seconds on June 22. Trust us, there are delicious manis and pedis to meet everyone’s taste. Read on to see the recently released gels and tips on how to style them.

Natalie Pavloski (@nataliepnails)

Her inspiration: Picnic is the most literal form, especially picnic blankets! 

Her designs 

  • Race to Lunch mani: This ‘80s-inspired checkered print feels like it popped out of a video game — and we’re into it. The green and pink combo makes it the perfect mani for sipping on watermelon libations all season long.
  • On the Horizon mani and pedi: There’s nothing quite like a sunset in the desert. Capture the magic of watching the sky fade from orange hues to icy blues with this dreamy gradient palette — it might just transport you to Joshua Tree.

Style Tips & Tricks 

  • Embrace the conflicting patterns: Put on the Race to Lunch mani and then don’t be afraid to wear an outfit with other patterns such as floral, stripes, or polka dots. If you want to go bold, you might as well go all out. 
  • The rainbow effect: On the Horizon’s stunning gradient of colors means you have ample colors to highlight in our makeup or outfits. Choose one of the orange, yellow, blue, or red hues and sprinkle it throughout your outfit for an effortlessly chic look.

Bana Jarjour (@banicured_)

Her inspiration: Something colorful with fun, fruity motifs, but not too loud to ensure anyone can wear these! 

Her designs 

  • Glam Berries mani: How many strawberries are too many strawberries? The limit does not exist! From shakes to shortcakes to manis, strawberries just make life better — and tastier. 
  • Fruit Salad mani: The ultimate picnic food, made for your fingertips. With colorful tiny fruits placed on a classic transparent base, this quirky design will be a summertime fave and an instant conversation starter.

Style Tips & Tricks 

Christine Doan (@glosshouse)

Her inspiration: Her favorite picnic spots in San Diego - Christine’s new hometown! 

Her designs 

  • Sunset Cliffs mani: Capture a cotton-candy California sunset on your nails. This abstract design features muted neutrals with playful pops of tangerine and lavender. 
  • Balboa Park mani: For your next day at the museum. These cool tones blend with hints of mustard yellow, creating a mesmerizing piece of art that’s impossible to look away from.

Style Tips & Tricks 

  • Keep your fit simple: Christine’s stunning abstract nail art designs would absolutely pop on an all-white or all-black outfit. 
  • Match your makeup: Tie in the gorgeous color palettes of Sunset Cliffs and Balboa Park gel manis into your eyeshadow or lipstick. A swipe of lavender eyeliner or an inner corner pop of mustard yellow shadow is sure to make a statement. 

Stefanie Sanchez (@polished_yogi)  

Her inspiration: The quintessential picnic items of lemonade and fresh-cut flowers! 

Her designs 

  • Here Comes the Sunflowers mani: With a classic white grid pattern and sunflowers of all sizes, this mani is a warm-weather must-have. Great for brunch with the gals, plant shopping, or both!
  • Lemon Delight mani and pedi: When life gives you lemons, wear them on your nails ;) The baby blue base, thin white lines, and dainty lemons combine to create a mani that’s equal parts refreshing and zesty.

Style Tips & Tricks 

  • Farmer’s market chic: Here Comes the Sunflowers mani is just begging to be worn with a fabulous denim jumpsuit or overalls. Effortlessly chic and utilitarian. 
  • Ciao bella!: Give your summer an Italian flare by rocking the Lemon Delight mani and pedi with a stunning floral day dress. You can pretend that you are sipping an Aperol Spritz on the Amalfi coast.