Introducing ManiMe's Spring Forward Collection & its 10 new nail gels
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Introducing the Spring Forward Collection

Celebrating the arrival of a new season with 10 fresh nail gel designs by 5 ManiMe nail artists

By: ManiMe
Mar 23 2021

After a drawn-out winter, we at ManiMe could not be more excited to let our creativity bloom and celebrate the arrival of springtime. Just as flowers start to blossom, we are looking forward to growing onwards and upwards. The best way we know how to hop into a new season is with the release of new nail gels, of course! 

In partnership with five ManiMe nail artists, we are pleased to introduce the Spring Forward Collection. Spring Forward features 10 surprising and delightful gel manicure designs. Alongside floral queen and fan favorite, Hang Nguyen, ManiMe is welcoming four new ManiMe nail artists - Michelle Won, Ami Vega, Pria B, and Isabel May - to our crew with this collection. 

Here’s a little inside-scoop to get to know the new and returning nail artists, and the inspiration behind their gorgeous designs.

Hang Nguyen @thehangedit

Meet Hang

Hang Nguyen is a classically trained painter turned agency-represented nail artist. Known for floral and negative space designs, Hang loves approaching each nail gel design as a mini canvas. Hang’s work is balanced, bright, and elegant. 

Favorite part of spring?

The return of flowers, foliage and plants! I am deeply inspired by floral arrangements and plant species so spring often means my creativity is at an all-time high. 

Bee Organic

The Look

Like bees to honey, Hang captures the sticky sweetness of spring with sunshine yellow accents. Tiny fluttering bee and sweet flower motifs pop along your cuticles on a sheer backdrop.

The Inspo

Once I start seeing bees bumbling about, I know spring has finally arrived. I wanted to highlight fluttering bees and their symbiotic relationship with flowers, one of my favorite muses.

Le Bouquet

The Look

Flowers are better in bunches! This blooming floral bouquet is right at home on your fingers. With a sheer backdrop and an eye-catching arrangement, this is a Hang original and quintessential springtime look. 

The Inspo

Flowers are always a major source of inspiration for me. Their diverse beauty means I have nearly endless design possibilities. Le Bouquet uses a bold mix of blues, greens, and pinks for a fresh take on one of my signature styles.

Michelle Won @califreenails

Meet Michelle

Born and raised in Los Angeles and known for groovy nail art styles, Michelle Won is no stranger to “California cool.” As an expert in emerging nail techniques with a passion for bold and psychedelic styles, Michelle’s manis are detailed, graphic, and down-right far out.

Favorite part of spring?

Embracing LA’s amazing weather. It’s not too hot yet so I try to enjoy the great outdoors before the summertime heat kicks in.


The Look

Let’s get groovy. Pulling inspiration from the psychedelic 70s, Michelle plays with modern motifs of shielding evil eyes and kitschy mushrooms to bring this sheer design into the 21st century.   

The Inspo

I love combining retro vibes with modern trends. Trippy transports the mood of the psychedelic 70s into the modern day with its cute, but bold motifs.

La Fleur 

The Look

Perk right up with this matcha green mani with fun floral frills. This bright and lively look is just the thing to get you going each day. 

The Inspo

I’m having a moment for matcha! This color is an instant pick-me-up while the tiny blossoms give a retro mod vibe to the design.

Ami Vega @amivnails

Meet Ami

Ami is a manicurist and nail artist reigning from New York City. In 2016, her work garnered attention as she was creating nail art that brought global social issues to the forefront. The new kind of work, coined as “micro-activism” by The Great Big Story, was featured in outlets like HuffPost, Fusion TV and Essence Magazine. Her work is a true labor of love, highlighting her attention to detail and bringing her client’s vision to life whether it is a fun or fashionable story or one displaying a social issue her client feels strongly about. 

Favorite part of spring?

The outdoors, the colorful flowers, the Spring Solstice, and the sun. After months of early sundowns, it feels great to step outside and feel the sun against my brown skin. It makes me feel alive again and I find a new sense of inspiration.


The Look

Using delicate linework, this design represents the fluidity of life and the freedom of creativity. It features intricate flower and frond motifs and pops of pastel colors on a sheer background.  

The Inspo

Florecitas carries an emotional tie for me. The fluidity of the lines are representative of my freedom as a creative. This past year has shifted my art into new forms and mediums that I was afraid to explore. Now, I am free to let the linework flow and in turn, create beautiful work you can wear on your fingertips.


The Look

Balancing a bold design with gentle serenity, this look harmonizes beautiful tonal colors that create a vibrant and gentle introduction into springtime. 

The Inspo

Suavemente translates to gentle in english. This look is all about a soothing gentle play of colors. These colors represent a softness that I often don’t allow myself to have as a woman of color.

Pria B @bhambnails

Meet Pria

A London-based celebrity nail artist and creative, Pria’s passion for all things art and design is evident in her work. Known for mixing colors and drawing from a range of styles, characters, and concepts, Pria’s aesthetic repertoire is unrivaled.  

Favorite part of spring?

Warmer weather and the chance to be outside surrounded by greenery and flowers. Everything looks better when it's sunny outside, especially in London!

OG Flame

The Look

These are fire, quite literally. Turn up the heat with this timeless design of white cuticle flames on a transparent base. 

The Inspo

With my alternative flare, flames are one of my all-time favorite designs. Flames are core to my sense of style and you’ll find me with flames on my nails, clothes, handbags and in my artwork. 

Kiss from a Rose

The Look

An exaggerated french with delicate rose embellishment. This look combines two classic nail art styles for an ornate, yet edgy aesthetic.

The Inspo

The rose embellishments are inspired by my own beloved tattoos. I find inspiration for many of my designs in tattoos and the street style of London. Whenever something catches my eye, I jot it down or do a quick sketch in my notebook.

Isabel May @isablemaynails

Meet Isabel

Isabel May is a UK-based nail artist, content creator, and educator known for her tutorials and nail art tips and tricks. Isabel loves designing naturally-inspired motifs, like florals, animal prints, and geologic patterns and adding texture to her designs.  

Favorite part of spring?

In the United Kingdom, I love to see all of the flowers start to bloom. It gives me such amazing inspiration for my nail gel designs and color palettes.

Delicate Petals

The Look

Capture the essence of spring with this dainty cherry blossom-inspired design. Delicate cherry blossom motifs pop against the flattering flushed pink background. 

The Inspo

I wanted to embrace the pretty and delicate nature of new flowers with the pastel pink color scheme and elegant blossoms.

Forest Leaves

The Look

Skip flowers and embrace flora. This look is an ode to the forest with its abstract dewdrop-inspired fronds adorning a sheer pink-tinted background.

The Inspo

This design uses one of my favorite techniques where you apply a sheer color as a base, draw a line of dots in your preferred color and then drag a brush through them to create the tear-drop shape. It’s organic, simple and perfect for spring.

Shop all of the blooming Spring Forward collection designs here!