Introducing the Signature Capsule & its two exclusive gel manicures
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Introducing the Signature Capsule

Freshening up with naturally inspired looks

By: ManiMe
Mar 09 2021

At ManiMe, we’re always keeping an eye on the latest trends and sourcing inspiration from the world around us. Our new Signature Capsule is no exception and we’re thrilled to introduce it to all of you. 

Designed in-house by ManiMe, the Signature Capsule features two minimal looks inspired by the subtle beauty of nature. Whether you’re channeling the strength of marble or the airiness of clouds, these designs capture the tranquility felt only in the great outdoors. 

Ahead, read on to get a behind-the-scenes look into our new Signature Capsule and the inspiration behind it as well as all of the details about our exclusive Signature Bundle

Of Quartz 

A chic marble design featuring gold foil inlay and wispy white veins on a sheer background.

Inspiration behind Design: 

Due to a challenging year, we at ManiMe are all looking to feel grounded and reconnect with the people and world around us. Marble, a stone known for its beauty and durability, captures the feeling of stability we are craving after a tumultuous year of unknowns and change. This polished gel nail design highlights marble’s distinctive viening pattern and embraces its luxurious feel with gold foil inlay. 

Styling Tips & Tricks: 

  • With its peachy sheer background, Of Quartz pairs nicely with nearly any warm-toned colors
  • Play up the gold foil inlay by wearing gold jewelry, especially rings and bracelets
  • Try out classic wardrobe staples like a leather jacket with this modern gel nail design to create a timeless look

Silver Lining

A perfectly sophisticated look with fluid, cloud-like cuticle designs, silver foil lining, and a sheer backdrop.  

Inspiration behind Design: 

Despite the difficulties of the past year, there were also many bright spots. We slowed down, reflected and found the silver linings of our lives. Difficult times do pass just like rain clouds. Silver Lining is a reminder to stay flexible and to toast to the little wins of everyday. This minimalist gel manicure showcases your nails with cloud-like motifs along the cuticles and uses an adaptable neutral color scheme. Feel free to keep your head in the clouds with this airy gel nail look.  

Styling Tips & Tricks: 

  • Accentuate the grey cloud motifs and silver foil lining by wearing silver rings or bracelets
  • Thanks to its neutral color palette and minimalist design, Silver Lining plays nicely with any sense of style     
  • Go all out by matching Silver Lining with a grey monochromatic outfit

Signature Bundle

As part of Signature Capsule, we are also introducing the Signature Bundle, which includes both Of Quartz and Silver Linings, our Mighty Hand Cream and exclusive ManiMe pouch. This bundle gives you the chance to embrace the subtle beauty of Mother Nature whether you want to emulate the strength of marble or the levity of clouds.