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Remixed Collection

Your top styles now in new colorways

By: Meddy Hurd
Jan 14 2021

Sometimes it’s a song, other times it’s an outfit, or even a meal, or maybe just a dreaded ex. Either way, we’ve all done it at one time or another…the “repeat” button. When we hit it so brutally often, that it loses that first-love luster. Or worse, we literally never want to see it again. 

In this case, it’s that 2020 mani you just couldn’t get enough of…until you did. If this was you, and last year’s go-to mani had to-go, don’t worry. We got you. This month we’re releasing a collection of six of our bestselling nail sets from 2020. Only this time, we gave them a remix to match the fresh new season, courtesy of their creators—Madeline Poole, Hang Nguyen, Cassandre Banel, and Jessica Washick. 

From fresh florals and vintage southwest-inspired pastels, to romantic wine-flavored hues, this collection has everything your nails need for spring. 

Enjoy hitting the replay button on your favorite nail sets from our ever on-trend nail artists. Here’s a little inside-scoop on the inspiration behind these remixed bestsellers straight from the artists.   

Rise and Bloom by Hang Nguyen

Original Design: Floral Cuticles

The Look: Floral Cuticles gets a chilling update, with snow-capped winter blossoms. 


What was the inspo for your original design?

Completely inspired by seasonal transition into Spring when everything starts to come to life again after fall and winter 

What excites you about this new take?

I really love this floral design so adding a different color way to it freshens it up a bit but it still takes on it’s blooming nature 

Favorite remixed song? 

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Heads Will Roll” (A-Trak Remix)

Déjà Vu by Jessica Washick

Original Design: Enigma

The Look: A new familiar friend, Enigma gets a vibrant update in “Deja Vu”


What was the inspo for your original design?

Finding beauty in the mundane. I was just observing how sunlight filtered through leaves in the plants in my apartment and the patterns they made. I played around with multiple colors to connect the emotion of color and I tried to capture the graphic-ness of the blocking. 

What excites you about this new take?

It’s different but still harmonizes with the original, so you can mix them both together to make something truly unique. 

Favorite remixed song?

JLo’s “I’m Real” feat. Ja Rule 

Desert Prism by Cassandre Marie

Original Design: Electric Prism

The Design: Electric Prism trades it’s wattage for something more natural. Earth tones are all the rage with “Desert Prism.”


What was the inspo for your original design?

The original was created with summer shades and an arrow design inspired by DIY friendship bracelets. I remember shooting the manicure outside (during a sunset), which is unusual for me. So this design always brings warm, energetic vibes reminiscent of golden summer evenings.

What excites you about this new take?

This new palette incorporates a vintage southwestern style - earthy desert tones in a pastel colorway that feels appropriate for early spring.

Favorite remixed song?

Daft Punk’s “Digital Love” (Algeronics Remix)

Cabernet in Marseille by Madeline Poole

Original Design: French Moon Rising

The Design: Sip on something a bit romantic. “Cabernet in Marseille” takes us to the dark side of “French Moon Rising” with moody hues and intoxicating curves. 


 What was the inspo for your original design?

I tried to rework a classic french manicure / moon manicure. I was big into negative space at the time and how easy and versatile it was to actually wear. 

What excites you about this new take? 

The gradient effect of the various reds has a little more coverage with the opaque shades than the original design.

Favorite remixed song? 

Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” (Timbaland Remix)

ManiMe Signature Looks

Orange Cream

Originally in the Better Half Collection: 1 / 2

The Look: Satisfy that sweet tooth with your old ice-cream truck favorite. Orange Cream pairs a perfect peach with our signature apricot shade.

Berry Compote

Originally in the Funky French Collection: 1 / 2 / 3

The Look: This two-toned mani will have you in a jam. This Funk French style gets a purple upgrade perfect for any season.