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How to plan to a mani party for every occasion

The ultimate how-to list to plan the best mani party ever for any occasion: bridal shower, bachelorette, birthday celebration or just a fun night in

By: ManiMe

The only thing better than putting on a fresh gel mani from ManiMe is doing it with all of your friends. With ManiMe’s easy, at-home application, you and your friends can apply gel manis and pedis anytime, any place. No matter the occasion, here’s a complete how-to list for throwing a great mani party for any occasion. 

STEP 1: Gather your group 

The key for any successful event is thinking through your guest list. Whether it is a birthday party, bridal shower, or just a girls night in, you’ll want to pull together your list of attendees and get your invites out that list the date, time, location and other details such as transportation options, dress code, etc.  

Once your invites are out, you can go one step further and get their ManiMe orders in motion with our Group Gift Kit. Give all your guests custom-fit nail gels in one, easy order with the Group Gift Kit. The Group Gift Kit allows you to build a gift kit for multiple recipients. After choosing your favorite gels and Essentials, simply input your recipients’ email address, pay for the one-of-kind gift kits built by you, and your guests will be prompted to start the process of getting their long-lasting, custom-fit nail gels. 

STEP 2: Set the vibe 

Ambiance is everything whatever the theme and occasion. This means thinking through the decor, venue, menu, and all of the little details that make events pop. If you are hosting a birthday party for yourself or others, it can be fun to center the event around the birthday person with memorabilia of their life or bringing all of their favorite things. If you are throwing a bridal shower, you can lean into the bride or groom's preference to mimic the attitude of their big day. If it's a girls night in, create a high-quality spa experience with ManiMe’s line of Essentials, comfy robes, relaxing background music and more. 

STEP 3: Get your ManiMe Goods 

Since you’ve already created and sent your ManiMe Group Gift Kits to your guests, you’ll want to make sure that they have everything they will need for the best possible at-home application experience. This is a mani party afterall. If you didn’t include them in your Group Gift Kit, it is always nice to have a few extra Miracle Base Coats, Max Top Coat No. 2 and Mirella Top Coats available for your guests’ usage. If you want to provide a spa-like experience, other Essentials like the ManiMitten and Magic Cuticle Pen are also nice to have at the ready. Once everyone is able to prep their nails, you can all apply your gel manis together. Our favorite tips & tricks for applications are available in our handy How-to Guide and on The Top Coat


Just because you are the host doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy your own party. You are surrounded by friends so no matter what happens during the party, it should be filled with laughter and fun!