Our latest custom nails from Teerah (@embrace.nails) and Fariha (@nailjob)
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Our latest custom nails from Teerah (@embrace.nails) and Fariha (@nailjob)

Are you wearing these custom nails?

By: ManiMe
Nov 11 2021

We all know that one-size-fits-all beauty doesn't make sense. No one is the same. That's why there is nothing better than custom nails from ManiMe. With ManiMe, you get custom nails with one-of-kind designs from top artists and a bespoke fit that is made just for you.

Have you tried out the newest custom nails from Teerah (@embrace.nails) and Fariha (@nailjob)? These on-trend manis are gorgeous for autumn and winter.

Falling For Fall

By Embrace.Nails

A beautiful sheer base that highlights the eye-catching, fall florals. You'll feel elegant and refined in this rich, autumnal color palette. Falling For Fall is the ultimate custom nail - its delicate detailing and lush hues make it a fashionable moment for any aesthetic.

Take A Flower

By Embrace.Nails

This subtle floral print on a nude base is for a person wanting a simple look with just a little sparkle. The nude base makes these custom nails extremely versatile and wearable.

Pastel Binary

By NailJob

The super cutesy style of Kawaii meets a futuristic binary pattern of cyberpunk. With a sheer lilac base and white 3D numeral detailing, these gels are truly one-of-a-kind. The extra gels feature a reverse color scheme of pastel 3D numbers on a white background.

Optical Ombre

By NailJob

An ombré of seafoam green and rose pink on a soft milky, off-white background makes these gels a more feminine and visually soothing take on geometric optical illusion nail art. The extra gels add a pop of color with a purple to pink ombré base. This custom nail set also features raised gel for a textured feel.