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How to create matte nail polish designs with ManiMe

A DIY guide to creating trendy matte nail polish designs at home

By: ManiMe
Dec 13 2021

Did you know matte nail polish designs going to be one of the hottest nail trends for 2022?

Don't believe us - Allure, the beauty authority, is on the same page. ManiMe is here to help as we just launched our newest Essential: the Matte Top Coat.

Trend #1: Mixed Textured Manis

Swirling designs are all over your Instagram for good reason. It is effortlessly chic. The best way to elevate it? Mix textures from glossy, glittery, and matte for an unexpected approach.

Use our base and top coat bundle to get set up with all of your finishing needs.

Or try out Candyland by Chelsea King (@chelseaqueen). Her gel mani already includes these amazing trends.

Trend 2: Glossy French Tip on a Matte Base

There's really nothing better than a classic french mani. We do love to mix it up though and tweak such an iconic mani. Our new favorite way is to use the Matte Base Coat on any Solid gel mani to mattify it and then take the Max Top Coat No. 2 to create a high-shine, glossy french tip. See how one of our favorite nail content creators, Reshma (@n_a_i_l_it), created her glossy french tip mani below on Chianti.

Trend #3: Solid Matte Manis

Take any of your favorite Solid ManiMe stick-on nail gels and mattify it with the Matte Top Coat. Go from glossy to matte in a snap. With the ManiMe Matte Top Coat, you can create any matte nail polish design of your choosing.