Introducing the ManiMe x Marrow capsule: a capsule of modern bridal gel nails match four one-of-a-kind rings
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Introducing the ManiMe x Marrow capsule: a modern take on bridal gel manis and rings

In our first-ever brand partnership, ManiMe has tied the knot with Marrow Fine Jewelry to create stunning gel nails to match their spectacular bespoke rings.

By: ManiMe
Apr 13 2021

Today is ManiMe’s big day. We officially tied the knot with bespoke, fine jewelry brand, Marrow Fine, for our first-ever strategic brand partnership. We found the perfect partner in Marrow Fine, a brand that is redefining the fine jewelry space with custom designs crafted from a mix of new and heirloom pieces. Marrow Fine shares our passion for bespoke craftsmanship and high-quality, made-to-order goods.

Through our partnership with Marrow, we are launching the ManiMe x Marrow Fine capsule, our inaugural collection of wedding-centric gel nail designs. With ManiMe’s long-lasting, custom-fit gels and Marrow’s bespoke rings, this capsule pairs manis and matrimony. For the ManiMe x Marrow capsule, ManiMe designed four modern gel mani designs, priced at $25 each. Each gel nail design plays on a classic wedding tradition. The gels are versatile enough for a bride, groom, bridesmaid, groomsmen, or guest to wear everyday and beautiful enough for each marital moment. Marrow Fine designed four stunning bespoke rings, ranging from $600 to $5800. Each ring is made-to-order meaning there are plenty of opportunities to customize the design to your taste and style.  

The capsule is launching just in time for the upcoming 2021 wedding season, which is anticipated to be busier than ever. As the bridal industry recovers from the grips of a global pandemic, The Wedding Report, suggests that 2021 will see a surge in weddings by 30%, going from 2.12M to about 2.77M. 

We’re throwing out the rulebook for weddings. After a disruptive 2020, we want to help any bride or groom-to-be to find a personal style that suits their taste, not trends. We know at ManiMe that nails are an accessible way to express yourself without overwhelming an entire look. Thanks to ManiMe’s easy application and removal process, brides, grooms, wedding parties, guests and more can change their gels between festivities without ever going to a salon. A gel mani is a perfect way to showcase a little piece of your personality while still complimenting the overall vision of your wedding day. 

Read on to learn how to style ManiMe’s modern bridal gel nail designs with Marrow’s stunning bespoke rings.

ManiMe x Marrow

The Look: Save the Date gel mani 

Elegant pearls mix with delicate ivory linework for a timeless mani style.

How to Style:

  • This stunning mani complements Marrow’s Antique Diamond & Pearl Toi et Moi ring.
  • Save the Date’s timelessness means it pairs well with any outfit from an everyday pair of jeans and white tee to your wedding dress.
  • Elongate your fingers even more by layering gold stacking rings above and below the knuckles with Save the Date.

The Look: Something Blue gel mani

This exaggerated french uses a dusty-blue base and swipes of gold and white for a touch of elegance.

How to style

  • This elegant mani complements Marrow’s Something Blue Carré and Oval Aquamarine Signet rings. 
  • Something Blue gives a subtle pop of dusty blue to your outfit. The dusty blue hue works great with either gold or silver jewelry so don’t be afraid to mix and match. 
  • The extra row of ManiMe’s long-lasting gels allows you to style your Something Blue mani to include a solid white or blue accent finger. Place this solid accent on your ring finger if you want to call attention to your wedding ring.

The Look: First Look gel mani 

Gold linework and a sheer, white backdrop make this mani perfect for any marital moment.

How to style

  • This classic mani complements Marrow’s Everyday Squiggle Gold Band and White Diamond Squiggle ring. 
  • You can seriously wear this gorgeous geometric design with anything. Its neutral color scheme of while, nude and gold means it is ready to wear at any moment from the engagement to your wedding day and everything in between. 
  • Make the gold foil details sparkle by wearing as many diamonds as possible. Any gold setting - white, yellow or rosé - pairs nicely with First Look.

The Look: Champagne Bubbles gel mani 

A cascade of shimmery gold sparkles mimics a celebratory glass of champagne making this design perfect for any occasion. 

How to style

  • This classic mani complements Marrow’s Starry Night ring. 
  • Just like champagne, this mani is perfect for any celebration. It is special enough for your wedding day, but it can add a little shimmer to your everyday life. 
  • Embrace the glitter. Wear the most brilliant cuts of gems such as round brilliant, princess or cushion cuts to make your hands sparkle.