Meet pro nail artist Madeline Poole
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Meet The Nail Artist: Madeline Poole

How an obsession turned into a career.

By: ManiMe
Mar 12 2021

When it comes to developing ahead of the curve nail art, all-around creative Madeline Poole is one of the best in the game. Known throughout the industry for her use of graphic, bold colors, and intricate pattern nail art, Madeline has collaborated with ManiMe on some of our most popular stick-on gel designs — most recently including the moody ‘Cabernet In Marseille’ design featured in our Remixed Collection. 

Starting in the industry after a chance conversation with a nail artist on the set of a shoot she was assisting at 22, Madeline has spent the better part of the last decade refining her craft, and building up a wealth of knowledge about the industry — and nails — in the process. 

Read on ahead for our latest interview with Madeline below, and learn more about how she broke into the business, her inspirations, and her love for hidden details.  

What was your introduction to nails and nail art? 

MP: I first started playing with acrylic paint on my nails which of course isn't good nail paint but it was fun to experiment with and I had a lot of experience using that type of paint already. I did a little hello kitty on the tip of my nails. 

How did you develop your nail art style? 

MP: I went to beauty school to learn the basics and hygiene and all that and while I was in school I would have friends over to my apartment salon setup to practice. It was all I did for a while and I got pretty obsessive with it.  

Where do you find inspiration for your work? 

MP: Oh all the places, fashion, nature, art history, just things I see on the street etc. I really like color combinations from nature because they often involve really bright saturated colors with muted weird neutral colors. 

What's your best tip for an at-home manicure? 

MP: I'd just say to make sure you don't have any oil on your hands and fingers. Wash your hands prior. 

What advice would you give to an aspiring nail artist? 

MP: It's a good idea to not only hone in on a style of nails that feels particularly you but to find a way to document them that is also stylistically your own. 

“It was all I did for a while and I got pretty obsessive with it.”

What are your favorite colors or textures for nail art? 

MP: I like white a lot. I just find its easy and versatile to wear.

What does a day in the life of Madeline Poole look like? 

MP: Unfortunately in the year 2021 it looks like me sitting around in my apartment all day. 

What's one hard truth about the industry that doesn't get talked about enough? 

MP: Well people that work in fashion have a reputation for being… unpleasant and condescending. And that is often true, but of course not always! 

What's one look or design that you're most proud of?

MP: I like one I did where the backs of the nails were painted in rainbow shades and the front of the nail was just beige. I like hidden details.

Rapid Fire Questions with Madeline Poole

Bold or subtle? Bold

Bright or neutral? Both, together

Matte or glossy? As glossy as possible

What's your coffee order? Bodega Joe

What's your sign? Leo

Heels or sneakers? Crocs

Follow Madeline for more on Instagram at @mpnails.