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Long Nails? These Nail Art Sets Are Made For You

Make the most out of your length!

By: ManiMe

Long nails have the range for endless nail art possibilities and thanks to ManiMe, you can apply nail art in minutes from the comfort of your home. Not sure which nail art is right for you? Read on to shop our nail art picks for our long nail community!

OG Flame

Is it getting hot in here? With enough negative space to feed the flames, this fire nail art is a great match for long nails.

Shop: OG Flame by @bhambnails for the Spring Forward Collection


Groovy baby. This wavy design has bold horizontal strokes that work best on nail beds with broader reach. 

Shop: Suavemente by @amivnails for the Spring Forward Collection

Champagne Bubbles

The only thing better than glitter is more glitter. With more room for shimmer, your glitz will be the envy of everyone’s eye. *clink*

Shop: Champagne Bubbles from the ManiMe x Marrow Capsule

Mud Cloth

Longer nails allow more of the beautiful linework in this design to shine. Plus, the asymmetrical negative space in the third row creates a bold balance for your length. 

Shop: Mud Cloth by @spifster for the BHM Collection

Orange Cream

If you’re looking for something more subtle, look no further. This nail art has vertical curved lines that show off your reach with sweet color blocking you’ll want to stare at all day.

Shop: Orange Cream from the Remixed Collection


Now, if you’re looking for something more bold, you’ve met your match. This snakeskin print and eye-catching electric yellow stripe makes for an adventurous mani. Where to next?

Shop: Sekhmet by @__Luxk for the Care Collection

Summertime Chi

Go big or go home! This windy city inspired look has a striking graphic design only made better with more length to show it off.

Shop: Summertime Chi by @spifster for the Dreamy Escapes Collection

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