Meet ManiMe’s pro gel nail artist: Jessica Washick (@jessicawashick)
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Meet ManiMe’s professional gel nail artist: Jessica Washick (@jessicawashick)

We are so excited to spotlight returning ManiMe professional gel nail artist Jessica Washick (@jessicawashick) for the Summer Picnic Collection. She’s the talent behind two mod gel manis.

By: ManiMe
Jun 22 2021

Today (June 22), Jessica Washick (@jessicawashick) is coming back to share more with two gel manis for Summer Picnic Collection. Jessica is both a professional nail artist and Nike Designer. She’s likely the creator behind your favorite Air Force 1 styles and matching manis. She found nail art while going through a breakup and hasn’t looked back since!

You will see her modern design aesthetic with her Summer Picnic Collection gels: Juicy Fruit gel manis and Wildflowers gel mani. Read on to learn more about Jessica, her inspiration for her mod gel designs, and her favorite elements of the summer. 

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ManiMe: How did you get started in the nail industry?

Jessica: I fell into nail art by consistently setting aside time for myself as a form of self-care and fell in love with it.

ManiMe: How did you develop your nail art style? 

Jessica: I have a background in art so I think my artistic expression, whether it be through nail art or otherwise, is constantly evolving. There’s no one easy answer. It’s more about riding the wave of life and embracing the twists and turns of your personal creative work.  

ManiMe: Where do you typically find inspiration?

Jessica: Nature, music, lyrics, and emotions. 

ManiMe: What is your favorite at-home manicure, pedicure, or nail care tip? 

Jessica: Exfoliate and push back your cuticles. 

ManiMe: What’s your favorite ManiMe Essential product to use? 

Jessica: I love the Magic Cuticle Pen! The ceramic tip exfoliates the cuticle really well. 

ManiMe: What was the inspiration behind your Summer Picnic gel designs? 

Jessica: The inspiration behind these designs is summer fun! Fruit and flowers. Both in different levels of expression. 

ManiMe: Describe your ideal picnic - where are you, what are you eating, and who are you with?

Jessica: I love picnics so I’m happy to be wherever there’s one! My favorite summer fruits are oranges and watermelon.

ManiMe: What are you looking forward to this summer?

Jessica: I’m looking forward to being outdoors more. I love being able to sit in the grass and soak up the sun.

ManiMe: How do you keep your manis and pedis looking fresh during the summer?

Jessica: Topcoat whenever necessary. Reapplying a topcoat is a life hack to making any mani last. 

Rapid Q&A @jessicawashick

  • Bold or subtle? Bold 
  • Bright or neutral? Bright
  • Matte or glossy? Glossy
  • Favorite picnic item? Napkins :))
  • Favorite part of summer? Good vibes