Your Favorite Modern Nail Artist, Jessica Washick
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Meet The Nail Artist: Jessica Washick

A creative butterfly constantly evolving nail art as we know it.

By: ManiMe
Apr 15 2021

If you consider yourself just as big of a sneakerhead as you do a beauty fanatic, chances are you’ve seen — and saved — lots of Jessica Washick’s nail art before. Working as the Design Director at Nike by day, the Portland, Oregon-based designer fills up her free time dreaming up some of Instagram’s coolest manicures, including her ManiMe debut with CARE collection’s funky ‘Enigma’ design. 

“I work an awful lot so someone said, ‘we never see you, you are kind of an enigma,’ Jessica previously shared with ManiMe of the design. “I took it as such a compliment that someone thought I was a very mysterious person and hard to define.” It was her hope at the time that her take on ManiMe’s easy to use, stick-on gel nails would bring inspiration to the world of whoever chose to wear the design. 

Catching up with the designer in the new year, Jessica opened up about how she’s developed her cool, trend-setting aesthetic over the years, the easiest way you can take care of your nails at-home, and much more, below.

What was your introduction to nails and nail art? 

JW: I fell into nail art by consistently setting aside time for myself as a form of self care and fell in love with it. 

Was there an a-ha moment where you knew nails could be more than a hobby for you?

JW: When people outside of my friend circle started asking me to do their nails. 

How did you develop your nail art style?

JW: I have a background in art so I think my artistic expression, whether it be through nail art or otherwise, is constantly evolving. There’s not one easy answer, it’s more about riding the wave of life, and embracing the twists and turns of your personal creative work.

“There’s not one easy answer, it’s more about riding the wave of life, and embracing the twists and turns of your personal creative work.”

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

JW: Nature, music, lyrics and emotions. 

What's your best tip for an at-home manicure?

JW: Push back your cuticles! 

What advice would you give to an aspiring nail artist?

JW: Believe in yourself and your ability and continue to work at it. 

What are your favorite colors or textures for nail art?

JW: It’s ever evolving and dependent on so many factories. 

What does a day in the life of Jessica Washick look like?

JW: Fast paced, energetic, optimistic, and it’s usually a blur by the end of the week. 

 What's one hard truth about the industry that doesn't get talked about enough? 

JW: Intellectual property is hard to claim. Nail art requires so much creative vision and expression, and it’s really easy for anyone (whether it be individuals or brands) to take and own something that an artist created.

 What's one look or design that you're most proud of? 

JW: The Enigma design!

Rapid Fire Questions with Jessica Washick: 

Bold or subtle? Subtle outfit, bold nails.

Bright or neutral? I’ll go with Neutral but it always depends on the context. 

Matte or glossy? I love both! 

What's something in your bag right now? An unsharpened pencil that I keep cursing every time I grab when I’m really reaching for my pen.

What's your coffee order? Cold Brew with oat milk, but I’ll go with an oat milk latte if someone’s treating ;)

What's your sign? Virgo <3

Heels or sneakers? Heels in summer, sneakers in winter.