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How to use the Glassy File

We could all use an upgrade in our nail care

By: ManiMe
Aug 24 2021

Say goodbye to emery boards and upgrade to ManiMe’s NEW Glassy File, a durable glass file meant for frictionless nail filing, smooth gel removal, light buffing, and so much more. The Glassy File is gentler than traditional emery boards and can be used for multiple purposes: filing, buffing, smoothing, and excess gel removal. Durable and lightweight, the Glassy File is ergonomic and can be reused time and time again without dulling.

Have you tried out the NEW GLassy File? Tell us your feedback at or show us how you’re using it on social media ( 

Read on to how to use the Glassy File for all of your nail needs. 

Gently shape your nails: 

Easily file nails to the preferred length and shape without any harsh edges. Glassy File is especially great for nails on the mend or those with thin, brittle nails. 

Buff your nails: 

Reduce the natural nail ridges by lightly buffing your nails with the gritted side of the Glassy File. 

Smooth out your gels: 

Use the pointed end of the Glassy File to lightly press your gels to your nails or smooth out any air bubbles during application.

Remove excess gel: 

File off excess gel in a downward motion and create a smooth, “sealed” edge on nails. 

Refresh your mani for long-lasting results: 

Extend the life of your gels by re-sealing the edge without tearing or ripping. The Glassy File’s lower grit helps seal your natural keratin into the edge of your nails, resulting in minor chipping and peeling. 

We are also here to help with some FAQs:

How to use the Glassy File? 

The Glassy File can be used for routine nail maintenance and aid your ManiMe gel application experience. We recommend using the Glassy File to prep your nails before and during the gel application process for optimal nail maintenance. Use the Glassy File for gentle nail shaping, buffing, and smoothing. You can also use your Glassy File to remove excess gel when applying your custom-fit ManiMe gels. After applying the gels to your nail, gently file in a downward motion to remove excess and create a smooth, sealed edge. 

What are the key benefits of the Glassy File? 

The Glassy File is gentler than traditional emery boards, ideal for people with brittle or weak nails. With proper technique, it also reduces the risk of jagged, torn edges on both natural and artificial nails. With a smooth, sealed edge, your ManiMe gels are likely to last longer. Plus, your nail won’t snag and catch during your everyday life. The Glassy File is excellent for on-the-go nail enthusiasts, and it’s reusable and more accessible to clean than traditional emery boards. Simply wash your Glassy File with warm soapy water, or wipe it down with rubbing alcohol after each use. The Glassy File won’t dull like cardboard emery boards or rust like metal nail files with proper care. 

How should I store and care for my Glassy File? 

Clean your Glassy File after each use by wiping clean with an alcohol wipe or washing it with warm, soapy water. Dry thoroughly, then store it in the leather case in a dry, cool place.