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4 Stick-On Glitter Manis For Every Summer Vacation Destination

Add a little sparkle into your next vacation

By: ManiMe
Aug 17 2021

Summer isn’t over until we say it’s over! As long as it’s sunny and warm enough to wear your favorite sundress, we fully plan on living our best summer lives indefinitely. And that means taking a proper summer vacation. Whether you turn on your OOO for a couple of weeks or you manage to carve out a long weekend for a much-needed recharge, there’s a vacay-appropriate glitter mani just for you.

It all starts with nailing — pun intended — your true travel vibe. Which do you tend to gravitate toward beachy tropical or romantic European? Below, we’ve rounded up a list of four top summer destinations and the ManiMe stick-on glitter manicure that would pair perfectly with that specific place. Because when you’re on vacation, you’ve gotta make sure your nails are flawless and flickering in the light!


You love lively nightlife, bottle service, and being able to dance until the early hours of the morning. And you have no problem wearing your swimsuit as daywear. That energy is precisely why Amethyst is the glitter mani of your dreams. The hypnotic lilac hue catches light from every angle and direction, turning your manicure into its own kind of disco ball.

Palm Springs

When you’re in the desert, the place to be is in the pool. It’s where you cool off, but it’s also where you can socialize and meet new people. So why not opt for a mani that’s a serious conversation starter? Kaleidoscope has a real mystic quality with its starry blue finish. This glistening mani twinkles like moonlight hitting the water at midnight.


Ahhh, a summer in Rome: fresh pasta, refreshing lambrusco, and gelato galore. It pretty much sounds like the ultimate European getaway. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn (à la mode Roman Holiday, of course) in sweeping A-line skirts, breezy blouses, and chic espadrilles. And don’t forget to top off your vacay looks with Nebula, a dreamy magenta that will add just the right amount of color and sparkle to any ensemble.


When the beach calls, sometimes it’s best to keep it neutral and minimalist. Tulum is known for its pristine beaches and lush terrain, which provides all the inspiration you need to channel a style that’s muted, but still elegant and feminine: Think off-white basics, earthy tones, and raw materials like wood and straw. But you don’t want your mani to be too lowkey! Galaxy, a mesmerizing mix of rainbow glitter, incorporates that understated pop of color against a sheer base, so you really get the best of both worlds.