Meet ManiMe’s pro gel nail artist: Jess Bilson (@frecklepusnails)
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Meet ManiMe’s professional nail artist: Jess Bilson (@frecklepusnails)

We are so excited to introduce and welcome Jess Bilson (@frecklepusnails) into ManiMe’s growing community of professional nail artists. She’s the talent behind two gel manis of the Summer Picnic Collection.

By: ManiMe
Jun 22 2021

Today (June 22), Jess Bilson (@frecklepusnails) will join ManiMe’s growing community of professional nail artists with her two Summer Picnic Collection gel manis. With more than 4+ years in the nail industry - from product development to marketing to photo production - Jess is currently working with fine jewelry to combine her passion for nail art and solid gold. She loves stacking up her ring collection with a perfectly polished manicure! 

You’ll see her knack for floral designs with her Summer Picnic Collection gels: Darling Daisies gel mani and Throwing a Garden Party gel mani. Read on to learn more about Jess as a nail artist, her inspiration for her colorful gel designs, and her favorite elements of the summer. 

Are you wearing Jess’ gels this summer? Shop the Summer Picnic Collection now and don’t forget to tag us in your posts on social! See you there!

ManiMe: How did you get started in the nail industry? 

Jess: I’ve always loved nail polish since I was little. I worked for a nail polish brand for 4 years and really got to experience the ins and outs of the product and the business! 

ManiMe: How did you develop your nail art style? 

Jess: Through years and years of practice. I like to do my nails for me and my taste so that when I look down at my hands, I’m happy :)

ManiMe: What are your favorite colors, textures, or techniques to use in your nail art?

Jess: I love a good neutral - that’s usually my go-to. My favorite type of mani is a glitter gradient over a sheer pink. Also, I’m a big fan of the skittle french tip! 

ManiMe: Where do you typically find inspiration? 

Jess: The nail community is full of creative artists, and they are all an endless source of inspiration for me. I also draw inspiration from different fashion brands for fun prints or color combinations. 

ManiMe: What is your favorite at-home manicure, pedicure, or nail care tip?

Jess: Use cuticle oil! A beautiful mani won’t look good with dry cuticles, so don’t skip the oil. 

ManiMe: What’s your favorite ManiMe product to use? 

Jess: The stick on gels, of course! 

ManiMe: What was the inspiration behind your Summer Picnic gel designs? 

Jess: I loved viewing all of the viral Tiktok picnic videos as inspo! 

ManiMe: Describe your ideal picnic - where are you, what are you eating, and who are you with?

Jess: I’m in Forte Green Park in Brooklyn with my best friends with lots of savory and sweet treats, an iced coffee, and good vibes.

ManiMe: What are you looking forward to this summer?

Jess: Hopefully, spending more time outdoors and exploring new neighborhoods in Brooklyn! 

ManiMe: How do you keep your manis and pedis looking fresh during the summer?

Jess: I never use my nails as tools, I always keep them moisturized, and I rarely let them go more than 5 days without a polish change. Try to catch me with a chipped mani, I dare you!

Rapid Q&A with @frecklepusnails

  • Bold or subtle? Subtle
  • Bright or neutral? Neutral
  • Matte or glossy? Glossy
  • Favorite picnic item? Cheese! 
  • Favorite part of summer? Sunshine