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How to extend the life of your ManiMe gel mani

At ManiMe, we want to share our best kept secrets on how to make your ManiMe’s long-lasting, custom-fit gel manis hold up for even longer. These are the best pro tips for making your gel mani as durable as possible.

By: ManiMe
May 06 2021

While we love changing our ManiMe gels often, we also recognize that our custom-fit gels need to last and stand up to the activities of everyday life from washing dishes to working out. That’s why our team put their heads together to compile our best pro tips for the perfect application and extending the life of your mani. 

Before we dig into our best kept secrets, we want to highlight that ManiMe’s vegan, custom-fit gel manis are meant to last between 10-14 days and it is best for the health of your nail to change your gels up after 14 days of wear. All of ManiMe’s gels are developed and cured in Korea and then custom-fit specifically to your unique nail shape, size and curve in Santa Monica, California. As you know, our gels are always toxin, damage and cruelty-free. Our proprietary Korean gels is also 10-free, Leaping Bunny Certified and is applied/removed without UV light and chemicals. 

Okay, let’s get into it. First, your nail needs to be prepped. Just like prepped and primed skin is essential to flawless application of makeup, your natural nail needs to be ready for the gels. Here is how the ManiMe team prepares their nails for flawless application: 

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and pat them dry
  • Soak your nails and care for your cuticles - check out our how to care for your cuticles article! 
  • Trim and shape your nails to your preference 
  • Let all used hand or nail products such as moisturizing creams, cuticles oil, and more fully absorb and soak in your nails.
  • Pro Tip: Avoid using lotion or cuticle oil directly before or after you apply gels. If you prepared your nails prior with our Magic Cuticle Pen or the ManiMitten, we recommend waiting 2+ hours before applying gels. Oil is the enemy here and can disrupt the longevity of the gels. 
  • Use your prep pad to clear your nail of any debris, oils, and moisture that can significantly impact your wear time.
  • Apply a thin, even layer of our Miracle Base Coat and let it fully dry (only takes 30-60 seconds). 

Our Miracle Base Coat strengthens nails damaged by gel or acrylic product removal and preps nails for ideal ManiMe nail gel application. It is infused with fortifying ingredients such as argan oil, keratin, and calcium to protect and nourish your nails.

Now, let’s talk about your ManiMe application. Application is everything. 

PREP: All of our secrets are above. We love being overly-prepared. :) 


Avoid touching the adhesive by holding the gel at the tip. Take your time and carefully align the gel over your nail, leaving a small gap above the cuticle. 


Firmly press down, smoothing out wrinkles as you go. Then fold any excess gel over the tip of your nail. 

  • Pro Tip: Did you know ManiMe’s gel adhesive is activated through pressure? Make sure you press down and firmly smooth the gel to your nail. It also helps to wait 15-30 seconds after pressing the gel to your nail before you start filing. 


Using a clipper or file, gently remove any excess gel. File away from your nail in a downward motion to create a clean edge.

  • Pro Tips
  • Make sure you are filing your nails and excess gel off in a downward motion. If you file upwards, dirt can get underneath the tip and encourage lifting.
  • Filing off too much excess gel can result in an uneven edge. Use nail clippers to remove excess gel if you have shorter nails! 


Press down on your nails to complete the seal, then apply a thin, even layer of the Max Top Coat No. 2 or Mirella Top Coat across the nail to prolong the life of your mani. 

Pro Tip: Focus on capping the tips of your nails with the Max Top Coat No. 2 or Mirella Top Coat to really seal the edges.

Whenever you are ready for a new look, simply remove your gels by peeling them off or soak your hands in warm water first for extra-gentle removal.

With all of these pro tips, your gel mani should last between 10-14 days or maybe even a little longer. Want to see how it is done? Check out our how-to guide

What are your ManiMe application pro tips? Share it with us on social!