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How to care for your cuticles with ManiMe

Your cuticles keep your nails healthy so it is important to keep them clean and hydrated for beautiful, long and strong nails. We’ve got the best tips and tricks to keep your cuticles in tip top shape.

By: ManiMe
May 06 2021

We’re obsessed with nails and we believe everyone needs a consistent nail care routine. Caring for your nails is the only way to ensure you have a strong, healthy and clean base for your favorite ManiMe gel nails. And the unsung hero of your nail health is the cuticle. 

The cuticle is the layer of clear, thin skin located along the bottom of the fingernail or toenail. Cuticles help protect new nails from bacteria as they grow. The mighty cuticle, however, is more sensitive than you may think. Uncared for, cuticles can become dry, damaged and infected and ultimately, cause a deterioration of the entire nail’s health if compromised. Read on to learn about the ManiMe’s cuticle nail routine and our favorite pro tips to ensure you have a model-ready hands and feet. 

Your Ultimate Cuticle Care Routine 

Before starting any form of cuticle maintenance, it is important to prep your cuticles. First, always soften and clean your cuticles by soaking your hands or feet in warm, soapy water for 10+ minutes or taking a warm shower. 

Next, if you are planning to trim or push back your cuticles, move with caution. Your cuticles protect your nail and surrounding skin from bacteria, improper trimming or cutting can lead to infection. 

To safely remove or trim your cuticles, ensure they are softened as mentioned above. Once the cuticles are softer and more malleable, carefully use a cuticle pusher to gently push up the cuticle. Then, take your favorite nail clipper to trim excess skin and hangnails. Only remove excess skin and do not try to remove the entire cuticle.

Our favorite way to shape our cuticles is with the Magic Cuticle Pen. Our Magic Cuticle Pen uses an oil-infused ceramic tip to hydrate your cuticles and gently buffs and exfoliates dead skin. Want to know more about how to use a Magic Cuticle Pen? Check out our Essentials Lineup blog post here

After shaping and removing excess cuticle skin from your nails, soothe the area with your favorite cuticle oil, moisturizing cuticle cream, or good old Vaseline. 

Repeat this process as necessary ahead of mani or pedi application. 

Now, you have a fabulously shaped nail and healthy cuticles to flaunt alongside your favorite ManiMe gels. 

ManiMe Pro Tips 

  • Apply your favorite cuticle oil, moisturizing cuticle cream or Vaseline daily to prevent any drying or cracking. 
  • Always use tweezers or nail clippers to carefully remove excess cuticles. Do not bite or rip off. 
  • Avoid using harsh nail polishes or removers. Acetone can dry out the cuticles and lead to cracking.