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BHM Collection

Honoring Black History Month with an exclusive collection.

By: ManiMe
Feb 16 2021

Black culture has had an undeniable impact on the beauty world both past and present — especially when it comes to nails. To honor that endless inspiration and innovation over Black History Month, ManiMe is thrilled to introduce a special collection with eight new designs in partnership with four talented Black nail artists — Canishiea J. Sams, Spifster Sutton, Mimi D., and Kia Stewart — each bringing their own style and history to this important collection. 

What’s more, a portion of the revenue from each design will be donated to four organizations focused on supporting and uplifting the Black community, each selected by the individual artists. 

Following the events of June 2020, the team at ManiMe committed to looking inward and improving our organization day-by-day — starting with diversifying the designers we partner with. While we certainly still have work to do, we couldn’t be more honored to celebrate Black History month alongside these accomplished designers, and their exciting new takes on ManiMe’s gel nails. 

Ahead, read on to get a closer look at the ManiMe Black History Month collection, learn more about the inspiration behind each design, and get to know the organizations you’ll be supporting through every purchase.  

Canishiea J. Sams for ManiMe’s BHM Collection

A new artist to ManiMe’s roster, California-based Canishiea J Sams celebrates earth and nature through her two funky, flowing, patchwork gel nail designs. 

Grace & Gratitude

Inspiration behind the design: “This look draws inspiration from the peace, pride, and gratitude that can be cultivated through gardening. The free flowing style is a reflection of building beautiful things from scratch and the immense pride that comes through that process”

Plant Mama

Inspiration behind the design: “Growing up I would garden with my grandmother, and it showed me so much about my roots and where we came from. Gardening always gave us such peace ,pride and gratitude. Growing and cultivating our own food and plants showed me you can create and build beautiful things from scratch.This is an important part of my story. As a black woman and how I use those life tools to create free following nail art.”

Canishiea’s organization: 

Keeping in theme with her design inspiration, Canishiea chose Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project (ANV) — an Oakland, California-based organization run by women of color who teach inner city youth about food production, nutrition, gardening, and sustainable healthy living. “They help give access to healthy lifestyle tools and create a green space amidst [a] “food desert.” This is very important and dear to my heart,” says Canishiea. “Healthy foods should be accessible to all.” 

Learn more about ANV by visiting their website,

Spifster Sutton for ManiMe’s BHM Collection

After creating for ManiMe’s X Fashion and Care collections, Chicago-born visual artist and salon manager Spifster Sutton brought her affinity for bold colors and graphics to our Black History collection. 

Speckle Me Spif

Inspiration behind the design: “Speckled colors share a deep association with black culture and this design pays homage to that connection. With a range of bright colors, neutral tones, and graphic shapes, this look has a little bit of everything!”

Mud Cloth

Inspiration behind the design: “Inspired by the mud cloth or ‘Bògòlanfini,’ hailing from Mali, Africa — these symbols represent ‘luxury’ and ‘bravery,’ the epitome of Black Girl Magic.”

Spifster’s organization: 

Spifster chose to shine a light on America’s Big Sister, a Chicago-based organization founded by Tragil Wade. Through various programs, ABS works to empower, educate, and build up self-esteem in young women in order to break cycles of lack and become positive, self-sufficient, and independent thinkers who can excel in society.

Learn more about America’s Big Sister by visiting their website,

Mimi D. for ManiMe’s BHM Collection

Award winning manicurist Mimi D. has created some of ManiMe’s most sweet pastel and clean gel nail designs — but for the Black History Month collection, the artist played up the mis-matched nail design trend with smooth neutrals and bold solids. 

Pieces of Me 

Inspiration behind the design: “The multicolor shards in this design show how we’re composed of bits and pieces of different people and cultures. We’re constantly learning from the people around us and, in doing so, we become more ourselves. Discovering who you are and where you come from is a true reason to celebrate.”


Inspiration behind the design: “Through the years, our people have experienced extreme highs and lows. The gray, which resembles the cruel and unfavorable situations we collectively experience, are the lows. The colors moving to lighter shades represents the opportunity to learn and grow as one. The yellow, which reflects the highs, signifies our ability to rise each day like the sun and move the world even when we’re not appreciated.”

Mimi’s organization: 

Mimi’s organization of choice is the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated Hampton Alumnae Chapter. Through its Five-Point Programmatic Thrust — Economic Development, Educational Development, International Awareness and Involvement, Physical and Mental Health, and Political Awareness and Involvement — the organization works to provide assistance and support through public service programs in their local communities and communities throughout the world.

Learn more about the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated Hampton Alumnae Chapter by visiting their website,

Kia Stewart for ManiMe’s BHM Collection

Nail artist and entrepreneur Kia Stewart took her affinity for color-blocking and curved lines and merged those aesthetics with deep neutrals, classic prints, and eye-catching lines.

Pam Grier

Inspiration behind the design: “Pam Grier is the OG of all the body positivity we speak of today. She set the standard for beauty and being a boss. You can not say the name Foxy Brown and not know the legend that is Pam. This set reminds me of her character, and how dynamic she was on the big screen in the 70's. The color palette is classic and chic just like her. The BHM Collection is a statement collection and this set is fitting to be named Pam Grier. "When you earn it, they can't take it from you" is a quote she says that will always ring true to me. As a black creative I am aware of those who have come before me and opened doors, I want to keep hustling and earning my spot, as she did. This set is for the foxy babes and hustlers! Toast to earning it.”

With Love From Brooklyn

Inspiration behind the design: “This set is a tribute to a nail appointment I had when I first started Lux K in Brooklyn. My client wore a Notorious BIG Shirt. I always loved the visual we took that day, and wanted to pay homage to my journey that began in Brooklyn. I love how brown skin shines in gold and reminds us of our ancestors. I also love how gold jewelry is a statement to my culture, hip hop, and our lineage in Africa. Gold is universally beautiful on ALL skin hues - this set is about spreading love to everyone. It's the Brooklyn way. Word to Big.”