Meet ManiMe’s pro gel nail artist: Sonia Dominguez (@badgirlnails)
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Meet ManiMe’s professional nail artist: Sonia Dominguez (@badgirlnails)

We are so excited to introduce and welcome Sonia Dominguez (@badgirlnails) into ManiMe’s growing community of professional gel nail artists. She’s the creative genius behind two fruity gel manis and a pedi of the Summer Picnic Collection. 

By: ManiMe
Jun 22 2021

Today (June 22), Sonia Dominguez (@badgirlnails) will join ManiMe’s growing community of professional nail artists with her two Summer Picnic Collection gel manis. Best known for her easy-to-follow nail tutorials, Sonia believes that nail art is self-care and should be accessible to all. Her designs often include negative space and mix and match patterns for a modern, eye-catching manicure.

You’ll see her eye-catching design with her Summer Picnic Collection gels: Fresh Squeezed gel mani, Pink Lemonade gel mani, and pedi. Read on to learn more about Sonia as a nail artist, her inspiration for her colorful gel designs, and her favorite elements of the summer. 

Are you wearing Sonia’s gels this summer? Shop the Summer Picnic Collection now and don’t forget to tag us in your posts on social! See you there!

ManiMe: How did you get started in the nail industry? 

Sonia: I started painting my nails back in 2013 to break a lifelong nail-biting habit. From there, I developed a love of nail art and started posting my creations online. Doing my nails became a way to decompress and practice self-care, as well as a creative outlet.

ManiMe: How did you develop your nail art style? 

Sonia: My nail art style has changed so much throughout the years, but I’ve always loved a good mix and match manicure. 

ManiMe: What are your favorite colors, textures, or techniques to use in your nail art?

Sonia: I absolutely love incorporating negative space and sheer base colors into my nail art designs. Something about a fresh, clean base speaks to my soul and flatters every nail length.

ManiMe: Where do you typically find inspiration? 

Sonia: I pull inspiration from everywhere: fashion, nature, and pop culture. Sometimes I just pick a color palette that I like and let the inspiration come on its own.

ManiMe: What is your favorite at-home manicure, pedicure, or nail care tip?

Sonia: Good cuticle care is absolutely key. I keep cuticle oil literally everywhere. In my purse, on my bedside table, in the car, etc. so it’s convenient to reapply throughout the day. Also, when applying my morning and nighttime skincare, I always rub any remaining product onto my hands for an anti-aging boost.

ManiMe: What’s your favorite ManiMe product to use? 

Sonia: I am really looking forward to using the Magic Cuticle Pen and Max Top Coat No. 2. 

ManiMe: What was the inspiration behind your Summer Picnic gel designs? 

Sonia: I wanted to pair juicy, citrusy motifs with a fresh sheer base for the perfect summer manis. 

ManiMe: Describe your ideal picnic - where are you, what are you eating, and who are you with?

Sonia: My ideal picnic is somewhere by the water with grilled seafood, lots of chilled fruit, and a refreshing mixed drink in hand. 

ManiMe: What are you looking forward to this summer?

Sonia: I’m so excited for longer days and spending more time outdoors. 

ManiMe: How do you keep your manis and pedis looking fresh during the summer?

Sonia: I spend a lot of time in the water during the summer, so I like to reapply a fresh coat of topcoat every other day to prevent chips and keep my manicures glossy.

Rapid Q&A with @badgirlnails

  • Bold or subtle? Subtle
  • Bright or neutral? Bright
  • Matte or glossy? Glossy
  • Favorite picnic item? A charcuterie board
  • Favorite part of summer? The sunshine