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Pro Tips for the best at-home nail care routine with Kia Stewart (@__luxK)

Learn Kia Stewart’s (@__luxK), renowned professional nail artist and nail care wellness expert, best tips for the ultimate nail care wellness routine. 

By: Kia Stewart

Hi my name is Kia! I am a huge nail wellness advocate! My insta has created a shift in the nail community for consumers and nail techs to understand the importance and value of nail care, from a total body wellness perspective. I am so excited to share my passion with you! Let’s jump into it with some accelerated tips and reminders that can jumpstart your nail renewal!

Tip #1- Water is your BFF! Without water your nails are suffering and dehydrated. Download a water reminder app to be mindful of your water intake. Or motivate yourself with a ute water bottle! Not a fan of water? Try infusing! Lemon and rosemary together are a delicious pair and one of my favorite combos! 

Tip #2- Moisturize! Now that your internal self is being hydrated, what about the external? A quality water-based lotion with good slip is key to hydrate thirsty hands! Cuticles need love, too, so staying on top of this will boost your hands' appearance for sure, and how they feel.

Tip #3 Stop picking! Stop biting! Stop using your hands as tools. STOP. Yes, you. ;) It's time for you to crush your nail goals by reversing bad nail habits. I have faith in you!

Tip #4 Choose patience! Social media makes everything seem like it happens over night. Give yourself grace on your nail journey! Be committed to water, and moisturizing. I promise you will see a significant shift if you stay consistent. It works! 

Tip #5 Consider Nutrition. The boring things make a big impact! Munch on plenty of leafy greens, water-soluble fruits, and vitamin boosting foods. Not only will you feel better, but your nails, which are proteins, will thrive when the feel-good foods fuel their growth!

Wishing you all long, strong and healthy nails! With summer coming, it is important to take inventory of your self-care, beginning with your nails! You got this. For more tips and visuals of nail wellness on the move, check out my insta: @__luxk. Sending mad love from Brooklyn, NY! Thank You and let’s all get the nails we desire.