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2022 At-Home Nail Goals

New Year, New Nails: Achieve your at-home nail goals this year

By: ManiMe
Dec 23 2021

We're welcoming in the new year with new nails! We all should have at-home nail goals that we're looking to achieve. With at-home nail care, you can totally do it. Besides, we at ManiMe have your back. Keep reading to learn our nail goals for the upcoming year and how we're going to achieve them at home with our favorite ManiMe Essentials.

AT-HOME NAIL GOAL #1: Moisturized Hands

Is winter causing your skin to dry out? Or maybe we're looking to maintain hydrated, healthy hands, nails, and cuticles? We completely understand. In 2022, you won't catch us with dry, chapped, or cracked hands since we're using the ManiMitten at least twice a week. With hydrating Shea Butter, wear the ManiMitten for 20 minutes and reveal supple moisturized hands.

AT-HOME NAIL GOAL #2: Silky Smooth Feet

Forget calluses and dead skin! Give your feet the extra attention they deserve and treat yourself to a mini spa day at home. Start with the PediPeel, our peeling foot mask treatment. Thanks to Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Glycolic Acid, PediPeel removes calluses and dry skin and reveals refreshed baby-soft feet. After you've completed the PediPeel process, follow up with the PediMask, which promotes stronger toenails and more supple skin through the use of hydrating Shea Butter and other natural ingredients.

AT-HOME NAIL GOAL #3: Strong Nails

Set your nails up with success with our Miracle Base Coat. Infused with argan oil, keratin, and calcium, our Miracle Base Coat helps strengthen nails damaged by gel or acrylic product removal and primes nails to be perfectly ready for your ManiMe gel application.

AT-HOME NAIL GOAL #4: Have fun with finishes!

Mix it up and have fun with our amazing finishing top coats! The Base & Top Coat Bundle contains all four of prep and finishing polishes including the Miracle Base Coat, Max Top Coat No. 2, Mirella Top Coat, and the Matte Top Coat. Prep your nails with the Miracle Base Coat, apply your favorite gels, and then personalize with our mani or pedi with one or many of our top coat finishes: glossy, glitter, or matte! You feel like a salon pro with your amazing at-home nails!