Best Ways To Protect Hands From Aging
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How To Protect Hands From Aging

Because our hands deserve TLC, too.

By: ManiMe
Jun 28 2021

Ask any above-30 woman where the first signs of aging are, and they’re likely to tell you that it’s all about the neck. The skincare world is full of reminders to bring your skincare down to the “décolletage,” the chest area, to prevent the tell-tale signs of aging. And while your neck is a major place that is susceptible to early aging, there’s another spot that gets no love: your hands!

How do you get wrinkly hands at a young age?

Our hands usually begin aging in our 20s. Why? Simply because they are constantly exposed — to the weather, to constant hand washing, to so many different surfaces, and more. The skin on your hands is no different than the skin on the rest of your body, either. It requires regular maintenance, moisture, and protection. 

Sun damage is a major culprit that causes early hand aging. Even when you apply an SPF in the morning, you’re likely to wash it off your hands before you exit the bathroom, leaving the skin on your hands exposed to the sun with no protection. Pair that with the sun beaming through your front windshield while you’re driving, and you have a recipe for quickly aging hand skin.

How to prevent dry and wrinkled hands?

There are a number of cosmetic treatments that a dermatologist can perform to help the results of aging hands, but Dr. Lisa Chipps, a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, recommends getting a preventative care routine set up for your hands ASAP. 

Even though your hands start to age in your 20s, you might not see the results of that aging on your hands until you’re in your 30s. That aging can even hold off until your 40s, and by then it’s much more difficult to reverse that damage. 

Your hand routine should include regular moisturizing, sun protection, and preventative products. Don’t neglect your cuticles either! Applying cuticle oil will keep your cuticles (and your nails) moisturized, healthy, and youthful. And that extra skincare on your hands during your morning and nighttime routines — don’t be afraid to massage it into your hands instead of rinsing it off.

Your pre-bedtime routine could help save you from prematurely wrinkly hands

It’s no secret that your body does most of your healing while you’re asleep. Amplify the healing effects of sleep by layering a thick hydrating cream onto your hands before bed. This simple step will help seal in moisture and repair your hands from all the exposure they experience during the day — especially if you work in a field that requires you to do a lot of handwashing.

Reapply, reapply, reapply

We’re all reapplying our sunscreen every two hours, right? If not, you should be, and that includes all areas of exposed skin. That means your hands! And if you’re washing your hands often at work, you should keep a lotion with SPF on hand to use between full sunscreen reapplications. The key to anti-aging is to start early. Just like your neck and other areas that are often left exposed regularly, giving them a little extra care will help you out in the long run.