Meet ManiMe’s pro gel nail artist: Alicia Torello (@aliciatnails)
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Meet ManiMe’s professional gel nail artist: Alicia Torello (@aliciatnails)

We are so excited to spotlight returning ManiMe professional nail artist Alicia Torello (@aliciatnails) for the Summer Picnic Collection. She’s the creative mind behind two bright and bold gel manis.

By: ManiMe
Jun 22 2021

Today (June 22), Alicia Torello (@aliciatnails) is coming back to share more ManiMe gel designs with two gel manis for Summer Picnic Collection. With a background in photography, Alicia’s attention to detail and industry knowledge make her a sought-after manicurist for high fashion brands and industry-leading publications.

You will see her editorial perspective with her Summer Picnic Collection gels: Picnic Party gel mani and For Sherbert gel mani. Read on to learn more about Alicia, her inspiration for her modern gel designs, and her favorite elements of the summer. 

Are you wearing Alicia’s gels this summer? Shop the Summer Picnic Collection now and don’t forget to tag us in your posts on social! See you there!

ManiMe: How did you get started in the nail industry? 

Alicia: I went to art school and after graduating, I was trying out different jobs. I ended up working at an agency where I met a nail artist. I became really interested in nails and she showed me the way from there.

ManiMe: How did you develop your nail art style?

Alicia: It just took a lot of practice. I wasn’t naturally good at nail art or had any specific type of style when I started doing nails. After working hard on art, I found my own path and style. 

ManiMe: What are your favorite colors, textures, or techniques to use in your nail art?

Alicia: I love light blue. I tend to use it a lot when I’m creating nail looks. I like minimal looks 

ManiMe: Where do you typically find inspiration? 

Alicia: I find inspiration everywhere. Could be from going to the museum, or looking at new seasons of designer clothes. 

ManiMe: What is your favorite at-home manicure, pedicure, or nail care tip? 

Alicia: Using an eyebrow brush to clean up any mistakes is great to have for at-home mani and pedis.

ManiMe: What’s your favorite ManiMe Essential product to use? 

Alicia: I’m obsessed with the Magic Cuticle Pen. I use it after I gently push back my cuticles to get any remaining straggler cuticles. It works so well.

ManiMe: What was the inspiration behind your Summer Picnic gel designs?

Alicia: I was trying to think of what I wanted to do for the design and thought about how much I love summer and picnicking in the park. I wanted to make a picnic design, but even cuter.

ManiMe: Describe your ideal picnic - where are you, what are you eating, and who are you with? 

Alicia: My ideal picnic would be in Italy on the coast somewhere. I'm with my best friends, we are eating prosciutto and melon, and drinking wine.

ManiMe: What are you looking forward to this summer? 

Alicia: Going to the beach all summer.

ManiMe: How do you keep your manis and pedis looking fresh during the summer? 

Alicia: I add a top coat every two days, and oil every day.

Rapid Fire Q&A with @aliciatnails

  • Bold or subtle? Subtle 
  • Bright or neutral? Neutral 
  • Matte or glossy? Both 
  • Favorite picnic item? Strawberries 
  • Favorite part of summer? The heat!